Perks & Loot Terms & Conditions

  1. Weekly Cashback: Players in all loyalty levels get a generous 10% Cashback every week except 'Level 5 - BLACK' who gets a whooping 12%!
  • No wagering requirements
  • No maximum payout amount
  • Based on slots net loss Thursdays 00.00 to Wednesdays 23:59 UTC (7 days)
  • Credited on Thursdays at 10am (UTC)
  • Read more about Cashback.
  1. Pirateplay jackpots: All jackpots can be discovered in Lootboxes on any loyalty level, and can be instantly withdrawn.
  • Emerald Jackpot: 100 USDT (or equivalent)
  • Sapphire Jackpot: 1,000 USDT (or equivalent)
  • Silver Jackpot: 2,500 USDT (or equivalent)
  • Gold Jackpot: 5,000 USDT (or equivalent)
  1. Instant Level-up: This loot can be discovered in Lootboxes on any loyalty level, and it allows you to instantly advance to the next level.

  2. Withdrawal limits: The time frames of these limits are calendar-based. Weekly counts from Monday to Sunday while Monthly counts from the first to last date of each month.
  • Players in the first three (3) loyalty levels can withdraw up to 7,500 USDT/week and 15,000 USDT/month (or currency equivalent).
  • Players in 'Level 4 - GOLD' can withdraw up to 15,000 USDT/week and 30,000 USDT/month (or currency equivalent).
  • Players in 'Level 5 - BLACK' have tailored withdrawal limits.
  1. Lootboxes: These beauties can be discovered on the following occasions;
  • Each time you level up
  • Through promotions
  • Randomly during your active sessions
  • From 'Level 2 - SAPPHIRE' and onwards you're entitled to a Lootbox on the first day of each month, at latest 5pm (CET). To qualify you need to have made at least 1 deposit the previous calendar month.
  1. Exclusive promotions: From 'Level 3 - SILVER' and onwards you get entitled to various exclusive promotions. These are sent by email and/or SMS, so make sure you are subscribed to not miss out!

Loyalty Program Terms & Conditions

  1. The Pirateplay loyalty program is based on turnover (Any bets placed, including bets placed with bonus funds).
  2. Keep track of your current level when logged in via the 'OX' icon in the top menu.
  3. Slots game play contributes 100% to turnover requirements (1 USDT = 1 USDT). Whilst game play on any other games such as Live Casino contributes 10% (10 USDT = 1 USDT).
  • The conversion per currency is as follows (1 point for slots activity); USD/USDT: 1, BTC: 0.00004, ETH: 0.0005, BCH: 0.005, LTC: 0.01, DOG: 10, BNB: 0.003, TRX: 20.
  1. There are 5 different loyalty levels on Pirateplay. All players start at 'Level 1 Black' and your level will be determined by your turnover contributed over the last 90 days. These are the 90 days turnover requirements to qualify for each level:
  • Level 1 EMERALD: 0
  • Level 2 SAPPHIRE: USD/USDT: 1,000, BTC: 0.04, ETH: 0.5, BCH: 5, LTC: 10, DOG: 10,000, BNB: 3, TRX: 20,000.
  • Level 3 SILVER: USD/USDT: 10,000, BTC: 0.4, ETH: 5, BCH: 50, LTC: 100, DOG: 100,000, BNB: 30, TRX: 200,000.
  • Level 4 GOLD: USD/USDT: 100,000, BTC: 4, ETH: 50, BCH: 500, LTC: 1,000, DOG: 1,000,000, BNB: 300, TRX: 2,000,000.
  • Level 5 BLACK: USD/USDT: 1,000,000, BTC: 40, ETH: 500, BCH: 5,000, LTC: 10,000, DOG: 10,000,000, BNB: 3,000, TRX: 20,000,000.
  1. Bets made with multiple different crypto currencies are accumulated. For example, if you wager 5,000 USDT and 0.2 BTC over 90 days you'll qualify for Level 3 SILVER.
  2. Each level up awards a Lootbox.
  3. Once you've reached any level you can never drop down more than 1 level. For example if you wager more than 100,000 USDT (or currency equivalent) over 90 days and reach 'Level 4 GOLD', and then not play for a year, you'll come back at 'Level 3 SILVER'.
  4. Loyalty levels are updated every hour at minute 40 (12:40, 13:40, 14:40 et cetera). You can always contact customer service via our email [email protected] to get an exact amount of your current 90-day turnover. Please note that this has to be requested via email (not live chat) and can take up to 3 days to provide.
  5. It is possible to advance multiple loyalty levels on each update.
  6. Pirateplay reserves the right to change/add/remove any loyalty levels, rewards and the requirements associated with them. Should this happen we will always do our utmost to ensure that this does not affect your player experience negatively.
  7. Any Loyalty Program rewards are unavailable to players with Sweden as profile country or last login country. This doesn't include perks, like increased limits.
  8. Pirateplay uses fixed exchanged rates for crypto currencies and they may occasionally be subject to change.

General bonus terms can be found here.

Safety & Certificates

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